So now I guess I am going to have to remake my toon for one of the games and not play the big boss in the Elswrod tut, as it bring me from LVl2 to LVL 9 during their big xp game start bonus.
so laggy for me so its literally taking me a week to get a tier 3 ship ;-; Anyone know how to boost settings without money I did it when a ship was on sale last week and Just played several random battles. yes, I played the dead one a lot but had my T3 within a few hours. I did have long wait times I I did this from 12 pm to around 3 pm. when you get to level 5 it realy helps as you then can use points from your max out ships.
So Played World of Warships had fun, I think I will keep this one for when I feel the need to destroy things.
Wendy wrote on game forum Elsword
Overlevel, Can't Enjoy Ya I hit 9 after two dungeons did not even know I leveled that fast