how can i submit a ticket Click the help tab and submit a support ticket.
SKT1 Camille
SKT1 Camille wrote on game forum Elsword
How to properly take screenshots? As long as you do not crop any of the game you should still be fine, just make sure the quest objective is clearly visible.
Leveling up Adding friends and doing quests, even quick and easy ones, will make you level up.
Screenshot Declined You can still do the quest if the screenshot is declined, just resubmit with the quest objective visible, preferably through text. Contact support if you are still experiencing trouble.
not downloading? Try running as an administrator.
The time limit is not fair Fun fact about neverwinter, its not like other grinding mmo games, as you increase in level the quest exp rewards also do, just click every quest that has an exp reward and you should be good in a few hours.
Can't upload screenshot to support? If you can't attach the file, attach an imgur link.
is this site fake? Crossout if I remember correctly is checked automatically by the company, so it may take more time than the games we check ourselves. They will come, just sit tight.
when do you get the points It will usually only take about a day. Be patient!
Where is the level? When you are in the hangar waiting for your next match, you can see in the upper left of your screen your level.
points crossout Hi Klik! I hope you can understand that the quests are not checked by machine but rather by hand, and you will have to wait until an admin sees that you have reached the appropriate level. Worry not, they are constantly checking, it shouldn't take more than a day.
Unfair, got 8K points Hi Edward, sorry for the disappointment, but each account is available to get the reward for a game only once. If it makes you feel better, the tasks for 35k points were much harder than the previous ones.
SKT1 Camille
SKT1 Camille wrote on game forum
need lol quest Oh how we wish we could, check back soon demi we might just have a quest worked out.
I put extra character in my username Try submitting the screenshot anyway, if it doesn't go through contact support through the help tab and explain your situation.
What is all the missions? They are pretty easy, but according to policy I'm not allowed to tell you exactly. It shouldn't take more than a few hours to get every quest done.
SKT1 Camille
SKT1 Camille wrote on game forum
Order finished? Hi Minh, make sure you did not receive it as a notification and dismiss it, check your champions to see if you recently received a skin. Also, make sure you check your order history, as it may ask you to confirm your order with a text before sending you your gift. If you have further trouble contact support.
Quest 1 Level 9 Please be patient, as long as you have completed the quest you will receive your points, it is not instant feedback.
became level 2 before sending screenshot You can still get the points for quests 2 and 3, but you unfortunately have left the window of quest 1.
Entered wrong username Though you can't change it, if you send the question to the support team through the help button they can fix the problem.