How do we show 5 wins? I don't think there is a mod for this game though, which is a definite problem...
5 Wins for first challenge Well, I figured out why we haven't got a response... There is no moderator for this game.
Account not found? please help Hey BBkalet, fancy seeing you again! It took a little digging, but I found the link to set up a support ticket, here you go! Skorkab, not an admin
Just be patient Gamekit does their best to keep everything running as quickly and smoothly as possible, but a lot of people are using it. Also, BBkalet, they are accepting people as mods. If you haven't already, you should apply. Sincerely skorkabian, who is not an admin either
Dont understand last level I think what he is asking is if he needs to get two additional ships in addition to the one he used for the previous step.