When will Battle.net balance giftcards will be resupplied? I think the Balance Point one could be easily restocked, let me ask the people who run the show about it.
When will Battle.net balance giftcards will be resupplied? No news, not even sure if they will be coming in stock. But if they do; we will have a lot. We are working on something new with GameKit and are focusing on that right now, sorry about that.
Having a lot of fun with Blade & Soul, wish we would give more points for it though hehe :)
When will Battle.net balance giftcards will be resupplied? I'll ask and try and find out for you.
So what games has everyone been playing lately? GameKit games or? Steam games? Battle.Net games?

Share your steam/battle net tag and let's play together. Or World of Tanks!
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    14.03.2017, 16:34
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    notoriusares Hi there. I am rather new to gamekit, but I am also looking for fellow gamers to play games on steam/origin. I have BF1, War Thunder, GTA, Titanfall, Conan Exiles, etc. My gamer name is NotoriusAres or notoriusbone2007.

    22.02.2017, 19:52
Wow, these "World of" quests are fun! WarThunder, War of Tanks; were awesome to play!

Just beat one of the anime ones, I am now trying to beat Bleach Online; I used to watch bleach but I'm not the biggest anime/browser based game fan.

I like my Overwatch/Diablo/Hearthstone too much hehe
Wipeking-deluxe You need to build a defensive-style build/class when doing Hardcore Monk/Crusader/Barbarian are very good at this. Espeially Monk when it comes to solo HC playing but also in groups because you buff your group. DM me your battlenet tag ill create a HC character with ya. Already maxed out a few.
Fokal wrote on game forum
Will is Lying Who is Will? Can you please PM me with the conversation and proof that he did not mystery gift you? Did you give anything in return? Sorry for the late response but at least you are getting one!
ALSO! Thanks for all the love on my profile! I really appreciate it y'all. Add me to friends and shoot me a message and i'll add you!
Back from vacation yall! And a bad breakup (2 1/2 years down the drain)

Sorry it took so long, been messed up in the head after this break up. We decided that she should move back in to her families house and out of my house for a little just to take a break (ever heard absence increases love or whatever? There's a saying similar?) anyway, she left my house and went right back to her exes house that she left for me over two years ago. Funny thing though (TMI I know) is that the dude she got with had just had his girl he was with for a year leave him a week before; and once she found out my ex was with her ex she came to my house to let me know that my ex was lying about where she was and shes with her ex. So now me and that girl have been kickin it everyday. Just took her to Florida (and I live in ohio) for vacation out of the blue and we had a blast.

Silver linings you know ;)

Anyway glad to be back yall! Currently only the Battle Net Moderator and I help with other misc stuff around the site but I'm trying to move up :) I'd like to be a Global Moderator some day. I have tons of experience with moderating/administrating forums. I started a Discord channel but our boss wanted it to be mods only; going to post a poll soon and see if you guys would like to see a Discord channel open to the public for GameKit. There will always be moderators/admins on so instead of emailing or messaging one of us mods for help; you can just ask on Discord.

Let me know what you guys think about a GameKit Discord!?
Became the Moderator of Battle.net games, post away everyone!!!
Why no popular games like Elder Scrolls Online, Overwatch, or World of Warcraft or Diablo 3 on here?
What U think about these game? It's an alright game, only played it to get points on here but I stil l haven't got them :/
Why is it taking a day to read my image submitted? Or DC Legends of Tomorrow? AMAZING show. And Arrow, and The Flash; all 3 are about DC characters. And sometimes they have appearances of characters from one show to another. Two of the bad guys in the Flash ended up being in DC Legends of Tomorrow
Why is it taking a day to read my image submitted? What image? Was there a way to earn points by playing DCU? I have it downloaded but I haven't played it yet -- I love the DC universe and all the shows, anyone else watch The Flash?
Just got a new CPU and GFX Card! Playing Elder Scrolls Online nonstop until Diablo 3 season comes back! If only GameKit had battlenet game forums.
Looking for friend! Please add me!
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