Show name and 5 star character? same problem here, can't find a screen with both my name and the 3 purple star character
"We can't find the task with this parameters." I don't even have a button to press for confirmation
Gamekit bug World of warship quest cuz it ain't working for me, it's been 2 days and no progress
Gamekit bug World of warship quest pvp battle, you mean the random battle? the red icon the right side of the big "battle" button? not the co-op one, or is there another battle type that I missed?
Oops! Your account was created before you began to play the game on What happened is that 2 years ago I got an account on to play world of tanks for gamekit. And now it's telling me this, even tho I never opened world of warship since it's not my type of games, I now got to create another account/e-mail or redownload the game to be on another server...
Quest 4 completion how long does it usually takes or how long until you know you missed something and your "screenshot", in this case e-mail, has been rejected?