how long does screenshot verifying take? Anywhere from a few hours to 3 days.
Patrick wrote on game forum Skyforge
How do I reset my username on here? You cannot unless you make a new account or contact support, they might be able to help.
Patrick wrote on game forum Skyforge
Gamekit's quests are broken for this game, quest 2 denial due to overleveling? Yes, you have to be pretty close. In fact, they are people who check these screenshots. Try contacting support at the bottom of the page.
Patrick wrote on game forum Skyforge
How do i get an accepted screenshot? Try using Gyazo or Monosnap if nothing else works.
It would be possible to make a skin request on the Brazilian server ?
what up bro
This is happening this is the right phone number!
  • Ku`ulei

    Ku`ulei What problem

    10.04.2017, 06:42

    AKYLMZ I have that same problem

    18.03.2017, 08:55
  • Dustin_Bohuslavschi

    Dustin_Bohuslavschi It's probably taken or tied to a different account. Nothing much you can do accept buy a new phone and get a new number.

    25.01.2017, 18:28
  • Patrick

    Patrick Please contact Gamekit support.

    20.11.2016, 05:23
  • Patrick

    Patrick I can't help you there.

    20.11.2016, 05:23
  • Serious

    Serious Do you know how to be a moedrator

    08.10.2016, 00:10
Patrick wrote on game forum ArcheAge
Request for ingame currency You should probably contact Gamekit support. I don't know if they will grant your request though.
Patrick wrote on game forum ArcheAge
lvl 3 and not only me Please contact gamekit support at
Haven't received points Quest 1 Please contact Gamekit support at
Can´t add nickname You must play a battle first and then enter nickname after registration.
pts for world of tanks help pls !!! I don't understand your question, please contact Gamekit support at
Where is my quest? Enter your nickname on gamekit after playing a battle.
Wargaming Account Yes, I think you do have to.
World of tanks hd packet error Maybe connect to a different server? Is your wifi working?
Pytanie usunięte You cannot reset steps. This is a rule that they have to enforce, we are sorry about any missed opportunities. However, there is the Swagbucks offer, which gives you an easy 5000 points!
Quest 1 not working! Just wait for a bit, it should work. You can contact Gamekit support through the help page at the bottom of the screen (you might have to scroll down).
Quest 1 not working! Glad to hear that!