Apotheosis Quest & Novice Quest Optimized

04.12.2020, 07:15

This update is specially made for the beginners on Steam, aiming to guide you through the novice quest, so you’ll understand the quests better and have a more smooth gaming experience. Apotheosis, the main quest, has also been optimized. What’s more, you’ll find it more convenient to play Texas Hold... (read more)

Pink Rose Festival

17.08.2020, 08:00

Hello heroes,There is an old saying gose,"A ragged fringe is the floating-heart, left and right we trail it: that mild-mannered good girl, awake, asleep, I search for her". Gentlemen, send Pink Roses to your loved ladies from Aug.19th to 25th.Duration:Aug. 19th - 25thFlower Fairyland:Killing demons ... (read more)

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