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Is there a purchase of game stones?

Added Erica 17.09.2019, 17:45

You know how we can use Gamekit tokens for forge of empires and vikings, is there a package for this game too? If so, anyone know what we'd find it under? I searched for eternal, but didn't find it.

I've played for a handful of hours and have hit the 20s, it's really not that hard to level quickly and the only reason I've now slowed down is that I've finally run out of stamina. I needed a break anyway though.

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19.09.2019, 00:57

Hello, Erica. If you cannot find the product in your shop, then there is no way for you to get it from us. Unfortunately, you would have to find some other method to get it.



25.09.2019, 21:32
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Erica, if you look at the options to buy with, some of the rewards you're able to purchase can be used on this game as well. For example the paysafe card you're able to get, you can use paysafe to pay for the items on this game as well.

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