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Restarting Eternal Fury with another character with same nick?

Added esterkus 11.06.2019, 18:13

Damn silly game lost my initial progress in its innards, claiming the account I created doesn't exist at ALL?!?!? However, I can create a new character with the same nick through my FB account, which does fine. Does that pose a problem with achieving the gamekit quests? Just wondering if its worthwhile.. or will screenshots be simply rejected....?

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11.06.2019, 19:55

Hello, eterkus. This may cause issues when it comes to the task. I would recommend contacting support for help in this situation as it could cause technical issues. You can contact support at



12.06.2019, 13:28

Never mind.. it's all cool.. figured a workaround to get back into the account :)



22.06.2019, 20:29

Are you are the right server? You can start another character on a different server, and the link on Gamekit's Missions page goes to a different server from the game developer's page, not the server of the game host that rewards Gamekit's missions. You need to log in to the server at this URL:

It's not your fault. That link shouldn't be going to the Eternal Fury website, but instead the affiliate URL.

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