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is this really fair?

Added Adham 06.08.2018, 02:59

Task 4 for any game requires people to spend money, but is this really fair? No it's not and don't try to justify it. There was a time where gamekit didn't require you to spend any money to complete a task. It was free and fair. But now all these games that promise you 14000 points are a lie, with Entropia Universe, it promised 14700 points but only 4700 points are possible to get without spending a dime. Now you expect me to spend money on a game I don't even like nor want to play? I'd play this just for the tasks. Make it fair again, let me get all my points, dont make me spend a time to get the points I should be able to get. Also dont mislead us by telling us we'll get over 7k points without mentioning how much it you will actually get without spending a dime. Make the 4th task, I dont want to spend a dime. thats why i use this website a long time ago!

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06.08.2018, 19:15

Hello, Adham. Our system is pretty fair. You get more money in points than you spend to finish the task. Also, we don't have that many games with a fourth task. We don't even force you to pay. It is all your choice if you want to pay for the extra points.

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