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It's NOT a FREE quest.

Added Miguel 17.03.2020, 23:40

I don't know who has the idea to put some pay stuff in third quest for make some points tho

You need to do a statue thing costs 370 diamonds and it's not worth for a """free content"""

That's a clickbait and even pay enough points for this act. Such a BS.

Don't play that game guys.

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30.07.2020, 19:30

Hi man! How are you? Yes it sucks to be stuck like that and the only solution they give you is to buy some sh**ty diamonds. I've been there as well, but I've played for like, 2 months, kinda.

What I did to actually finish Elvenar Quests was to look for guides like this:

They have all you need to complete every chapter. I don't know if you're still playing it but hey, its help hahaha.

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