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Without fail, my screenshots keep getting failed.

Added Jeanette 28.07.2019, 17:45

I have taken several pictures of my game, trying to complete the armoury objective. Each time, I've tried to set the picture to show as much detail as possible. I have my character name displayed, with the armoury shown as the primary building (the picture zoomed). I've taken a picture with the armoury details screen showing that I've upgrade four times. I've taken a picture with it in active state, the small fighters above it. All of the pictures (and they are pictures, not "official" screenshots) are failed, due to the quality of the picture not being good enough, need a better picture. I can't get screenshots, because for some reason, my computer won't take any. So how am I supposed to get past any objectives, within ANY games, if I can't get any of my pictures to pass? I've tried another game as well, trying to get a picture accepted. This is very frustrating, because I will NOT be continuing to use this site if the only way to get further is by just getting credit for starting a game. I won't clutter up my computer with games I'm not interestred in, just for the sake of getting experience and points.

TLDR: I can't take screenshots, I take pictures of my screen with my camera. Every single picture, no matter what game, fails due to the quality not being good enough, take a better screenshot. Since I can't take screenshots (my computer won't, for some reason), I'm getting pissed, and will NOT clutter my computer with games just to get first time experience and points. What are my options?

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28.07.2019, 21:12

Hello Jeanette. Have you tried the program Gyazo? Its a third party program that allows you to take screenshots.



02.08.2019, 07:08

Try Snipping Tool

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