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Why is my photo for the shrine of Enar or Prison of the condemned being rejected for being falsified when I bought the £5 elvenar code to build.

Added allen.rapheal1 18.07.2019, 18:31

I bought the 12 digit £5 code and the got the 500 diamonds to build the 370 diamond prison of the condemned. I sent the screenshot and it got rejected twice. Please help me understand why. I have proof of payment and the image was not edited.

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User deleted

18.07.2019, 18:53
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im having the same problem first my name was different but that made no sense because im on the 3rd quest then that i falsified it but that might be due to the fact i hovered over the shrine to have the name appear



18.07.2019, 18:57
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My sh just got accepted I think you have to give the whole thing like the whole window without cropping. I think i heard one of the mods talk about it on one of the other threads.

User deleted

18.07.2019, 19:00

that's good hope mine gets accepted



26.07.2019, 01:41

You have to make sure that you have the URL showing at the top of the screenshot too. You can put the game into its own window so it's separate from other things you're doing online, if you want privacy. So to conclude:
- Nickname in game (same as one you submitted to Gamekit)
- Required building etc. visible

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