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The first quest is essentially impossible.

Added Obrad the Brave 11.07.2019, 08:25

I have done everything I can think of and the barracks quest is not working. I've sent a photo of the barracks with my name, but it didn't work. I sent a photo of just the barracks taking up the vast majority of the photo. Nothing. I sent a picture of the barracks, as well as a queue coming out of it to remove a shadow of a doubt it's a barracks, which yielded no results. Finally, I got a picture of the barracks, my name, a queue, and with the snipping tool circled the barracks in black pen numerous times with arrows pointing to it just in case someone could possibly miss it. Somehow they missed it. I don't know what else to do. Help?

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11.07.2019, 20:46

For the quest to count you need to take a screenshot of the entire game window, from top left corner to bottom right corner and also include the url at the top with the barracks somewhere in the screenshot.



12.07.2019, 21:35

Hello, Obrad the Brave. Please remember that you can check your notifications on Gamekit to see why your task was denied. In this case, it was denied for being cropped.



03.10.2019, 20:25

mine has the same problem they say my name is not the name i said but my name is too long to completly fill the name bar

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