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I’m doing the challenge but it’s being denied

Added David 12.09.2018, 02:39

So I’m doing the challenge and I have my name and the armory in the photo, but they keep denieing me my points and giving me this message, account not registered through, why?

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12.09.2018, 03:23

Hello, David. It appears that you did not register your account with the link provided by Gamekit. If you signed up without that link, you will need to contact support. You can contact support at


Obrad the Brave

10.07.2019, 03:12

I also have trouble with the armory. I sent a picture of the whole screen, showing my name and the barracks. Denied. I suppose because the barracks wasn't singled out. Very well. Took a picture of just the barracks taking up most of the picture with no other buildings. No luck. I guess it wasn't labeled and didn't seem obvious enough. Fine. I sent a picture with the barracks and showing barracks above the building plus a queue of soldiers coming up just in case of any doubt it is indeed a barracks. Still nothing. I'm out of ideas.



20.07.2019, 02:51
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Hello Obrad the Brave. Sorry for the delayed reply but screenshot can't be cropped or edited. Also if it can help, you can see why your screenshots got denied on your notification that are on the top right corner.

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