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Dodgiest Admins In The World

Added George 07.03.2016, 18:02

Reason: You just your 3rd screenshot of your completed quest to the team who are responsible for this game, you are hoping that (yet again) it is accepted. You are so very wrong. NOTHING CAN BE ACCEPTED UNLESS IT'S YOUR 5TH GO. JESUS CHRIST. This games quests can be completed in under a week or so if you play it right but for me, it's taken around 2 weeks of consistently uploading screenshots of my armory, my my guild hall and some other bollocks quest that takes you 5 uploaded images just for it to be accepted. Honestly, this game is easy and seems alright but honestly. I couldn't give less of a f*ck, I'm just here so I can say this website is good and actually have points to spend on giveaways which I can use on my Steam account. So glad I'm done with this game...

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09.03.2016, 07:09

I'm sorry you (and it seems some others) have had a hard time with the quests from this game. I personally had no trouble, all my quests were accepted first try. Maybe it helped that I took my screenshots while the buildings were all still in the process of being built (hovering over them with my mouse to show the building name and the build time)? I dunno, but maybe that will help others that try these same things. I also managed to finish the three quests in 2 days, so your mileage may vary (if you're not sure how I did it so fast, you have to do a lot on the world map to get knowledge points so you can unlock barracks/armory)

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