Release Notes version 1.81

11.06.2019, 16:37

Release NotesDear Humans and Elves,We're aiming to release the update to version 1.81 today, Tuesday 11 June. For a full list of changes, please see below. We're sure that there are several quality of life changes you'll like! ImprovementsWhen visiting other players' cities, the notification menu is... (read more)

Release Notes version 1.78

30.04.2019, 23:59

Release NotesDear Humans and Elves,We'll be updating our International servers to version 1.78today, 30 April. All the changes for this update can be found below!Balancing ChangesWe made some changes to the output of Orcs for level 32 and 33 Armories and for the provided population of level 20 Resid... (read more)

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