Release Notes version 1.95

06.01.2020, 21:20

Release NotesDear Humans and Elves,Happy New Year, everyone! To kick off the year, we will update our International worlds to version 1.95, on Tuesday7 January. This version comes with the changes listed below.ImprovementsThe tooltip for each Encounter within the Spire of Eternity now prominently di... (read more)

Release Notes version 1.92

11.11.2019, 22:03

Release NotesDear Humans and Elves,We plan to update our International worlds to version 1.92 on Wednesday, 13 November. Please find the list of changes below!ImprovementsProfanity filters that previously only applied to user names & chat now also apply to private messages, censoring a list of p... (read more)

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