Jumped to lvl 9 from 4 help

Added Wendy 02.05.2017, 21:44

Ok, I did the main quest and jumped way over the limit. now I tried to delete and redone but I seem to only have 1 day left to get the Gamekit quest done.

It takes 3 days for Elsword to delete the toon so I can make one again with the same name I submitted.

So here is what I want to know:
Will the Gamekit Quest reset if I don't get Quest 1 done in that time?
Can I just send in the LVL 9 one?
If I can't do any of the above can I change the Name I submitted?

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19.11.2017, 20:29

1. You'll fail quest 1, but you can go to level 15 and do quest 2.
2. No, the screenshot must be exactly the level the quest asks for.
3. You can't change the name. It is permanent.
I suggest that you wait it out for quest 2, then get to level 15 in-game. It's only a 150 point loss. No biggie.