different login username than ign

Added Sherlock 05.02.2017, 23:25

I did what the quest asked and when I sent the screenshot it was declined because I had a different username than the one I entered into the quest. It is the same account but the game made me come up with an ign. Is there any way I can show that it is the same account? username: spacetimesherlock ign: ButterBagles

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06.02.2017, 00:16

Hi Sherlock,

You have to show the "character" name that has to be the same of the nick that you've already inserted into GameKit.



06.02.2017, 00:24

It isn't possible to show both at the same time. I have recorded me logging in with the username I put in the quest then the ign with no way to submit it. seriously bs.



06.02.2017, 10:15

Hello Sherlock, i'm sorry to ear that you're having some problems. In those situation could be a good idea to contact the technical support and talk to them, in order to see if there's a way to fix the problem. But, for experience, i can tell that they are not able to change nicks when you enter them on gamekit. For this reason there is a question mark right under the name insert bar that provides you an example of what you have to do. When you register to a game and you give a nick and, then, you take a screenshot for gamekit you have to be sure to use the nick that is clearly visible on the screenshot, not the one you always use when play online, for forum registrations, ecc. There's a precise description of what you have to do. :/ Try to contact the technical support but, if will not work, don't be sad and move to a different game. ;)



16.02.2017, 21:58
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When Gamekit asks you your in-game account it gives you specific instructions about what they want in the screenshot:


Gamekit does that for every game. Also, they want a full-sized screenshot, which you can find in the following folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\[WindowsAccountUsername]\Elsword\data\ScreenCapture . Also, if you should get the game to fullscreen mode before taking the screenshot. You do that by pressing Alt + Enter.