Fantasy Games? What does it mean?

Added Fiona 22.07.2016, 06:14

I dont know what kind of game if Fantasy game... it is shooting or strategy?

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15.11.2016, 03:18

"Fantasy game" describes the content, not the genre.

To whit: Echo of Soul is set in a fantasy world, one where magic and beast of lore abound. You'll cope with mana, interact with spirits, converse with angelic beings, etc.

As for the genre, EoS is a fairly prototypical MMORPG. You select a class, level up by completing quests and slaughtering the local wildlife, earn new skills along the way and upgrade your gear as you progress. Combat is quite run of the mill tab-targeting, although it does allow for some movement with certain classes and a small variety of skills. The only strategy you'll encounter is in determining the best order in which to employ said skills.

Hope you enjoy the game and best of luck...

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