How is lv4 Magmar Aspects not correct in the first quest if the description says "any fraction(should say faction)"

Added forjdfd2017 02.11.2017, 23:39

My screenshot is very clear, it states my player name and I only have 1 faction at lv4 = Magmar Aspects in the middle on the bottom row, the rest are lv 1 or 2 only. I didn't level the starting faction because it says "Reach lv4 any fraction" does this mean the wrong description is given for the quest or did someone make an obvious mistake in reading the screenshot?

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03.11.2017, 02:43

Most of the quests are translated from polish, we try to fix all spelling errors. Try submitting a support ticket through our FAQ page, and we should be able to help you out there.



09.11.2017, 04:46

Because, Gamekit moderators have the IQ of a turkey.



09.11.2017, 14:48

They reviewed the screenshot not long after I posted this and gave me the points. The support staff has been great with every problem that comes up, most problems are solved in less than 24 hours.