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Mission three takes 100+ games

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I'm really not one to complain about this sort of thing with this kind of game. I love this game. However it seems mission 3 wasn't really thought out. Doesn't give you a chance to try the other factions, and if you did, it adds to the crazy grind that is Quest 3. This promo BROUGHT ME BACK to the game, but quest three will likely ensure that I don't play it again for some time as that grind with one single faction is brutal.

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11.10.2017, 22:03

Unfortunately, the quests must be semi-challenging so Gamekit does not give away too much money for little playtimes. If you believe it overextends and is too hard, you could attempt to contact support at https://gamekit.com/faq/ . Good luck and keep grinding :D



12.10.2017, 16:26

I agree! I stopped playing mid quest 3 :/ They should have made it something like reach level 13 on 3 factions or something along those lines.

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14.10.2017, 02:55

I got er finished, but it was quite the grind.

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28.10.2017, 22:22

What faction level do you need for Q2 and Q3?



14.11.2017, 07:06

Yes the 3rd Mission is Brutal but honestly its really obtainable.. although I agree, Wish it was to level all factions to 12 lol.



03.02.2018, 00:27

Yup. First I though the game is amazing and very fun. But quest 2 was a bit challenging while 3 is really dumb making you do the same thing for so long. As Arya said quests should be challenging, but I disagree. They plan not only on buying the playtime but also looking for some new players! If quests were more enjoyable and weren't making me say "THX GOD IM OUT" after I complete them maybe I would even continue to play some games after quest completion.



03.02.2018, 00:30

And moreover it isn't actually balanced in points. For example Tera quests all 3 of them may be completed in 2 hours, while here you need to play at least like 8+ hours.