how do i submit?

Added Oranos 07.10.2017, 01:49

i was told that after clicking the "play for free" button, a clipboard button would appear so i could submit my screenshot. but that didn't happen and i have no idea why. instead it opened a tab to the games website and nothing changed on the gamekit page

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24.10.2017, 06:39

when launching the game select open in windowed mode then take a screen shot like that (I use the snipping tool from microsoft)



22.11.2017, 19:12

Download a screen shot tool. Or use the windows 10 xbox software and take a screen shot then open the location of the screen shot and drag and drop to the bubble that tells you to put in one.



10.02.2018, 02:11

Download "Snipping Tool" it should be on your windows or mac click the start button and type snipping tool if it's not there search up snipping tool and download it.