Be careful!

07.01.2015, 15:36

Dear Players, Some of you have lost your accounts recently because of the cheaters. They tried to seduce users and promised free Dark Coins. Remember, don't share details of your account with anyone.

Upcoming forum changes

12.09.2014, 15:13

Dear Players, A special team has been working on some improvements to the forum recently. You should expect new graphics, style, thread prefixes and many others. All the changes will be introduced on 16th September 2014 between 9am and 3pm CEST. Enjoy!

Release 134 [Highlights]

09.09.2014, 11:30

Dear players, You should expect the release 134 soon which will introduce some new features to the game. Firstly, Compare Loot will enable you comparing new items with the ones you've already possessed. Also some items will look differently. Secondly, you will be able to buy repair kits in the shop:... (read more)

[Contest] Voice of Drakensang

08.09.2014, 16:16

Dear players, Would you like to become a voice of a monster in this amazing game Drakensang Online? If yes, great news for you! Record your voice as any monster you can think of. It can be scream as well as whisper. Send it to Drakensang Online Team and wait for results. Maybe we will hear your voic... (read more)

Full Moon Event [September]

05.09.2014, 00:00

Dear players, Take part in the Full Moon Event! You will have to hunt the werewolves which became vicious and blood lusting creatures together with help of NC Thabo and Rubina.It will take place:- between 8th September 12pm and 10th September 12pm CEST for EU Servers,- between 8th September 6pm and ... (read more)

Twitch Stream

04.09.2014, 15:52

Dear players, Watch the Drakensang Online Twitch channel today between 4 and 5pm CEST to learn highlights of the release 134, some event tips or take part in the Q&A session.

Hotfix R133

01.09.2014, 00:00

Dear Players, Today, at 12:00pm CET you should expect a hotfix. It will last till at least 1:30pm CET. All the problems with login caused by the Java Applet will be fixed.

New design of the website

12.08.2014, 17:35

Dear players, Release 132 is not the only novelty in Drakensang Online. From today you can admire the new design of the official Drakensang Online website. Click here and check it out!

Release 132 & Patchnotes

12.08.2014, 17:25

Dear players, In August you should expect Release 132! It will contain cleaning the game up and will introduce totally new entry to the game. There will also be new objects added to many maps, for example to Torstrond, Iron Forest, Mystra or Mount Suvius. What's more, you can wait for changes such a... (read more)

Full Moon 10-12 Aug!

11.08.2014, 14:08

Dear players, Take part in the Full Moon Event and hunt the werewolves down!It will end on 12th August at 12:00 PM on EU Servers and on 12th AUgust 12.00 PDT on American Servers.Good luck!


27.06.2014, 20:59

Dear players,Do you want to get 11x Universal Healthpotion, 2x Mighty Soulguardian, 7 Realm Fragments and 5x Consumable Emotes: Football juggling and Fireworks? Enter the code: DSO2014SOCCERFAN before 2nd July, 23:59 CEST.

Raffel 2014

09.06.2014, 11:25

Dear players, Are you ready for the football world championship? No?! Drakensang Online will let you prepare better for this event. Register in the official forum and answer the question "Why do you like to play Drakensang Online?". Take part in the competition and win 1 out of 45 soccer balls!

Follow us on Twitter

14.05.2014, 15:30

Hi, do you want to be informed about new games and currencies on our website? Would you like to get free codes which will grant extra points? Follow us on Twitter!

Full Moon 14-16 May

14.05.2014, 10:33

Hi! Take part in the Full Moon Event between 14th and 16th May. We hope you will manage to save the island of Varholm from the Lycanthropes! EU Servers: 12:00 pm - 12:00 pm

R 125 GIVE YOU 9´999 stack!

07.05.2014, 14:34

Dear players, Thanks to Release 125 you should expect some news in the game, e.g improvement of the player versus player modes, new stances in cities and increase of the capacity of stack from 999 to 9999 pieces. Check it out!

New Moon, april

28.04.2014, 09:49

Hello, take part in the New Moon event! You will have to rescue virgin from Witches of Mount Blackborg. You also have chance to get 1000 draken if you defeat the boss spider Karabossa. - EU Servers: 28th April 12:00 30th April 12:00- Agathon 28th April 18:00 30th April 18:00- Tegan 28th April 21:00 ... (read more)

Full Moon Event

14.04.2014, 09:24

Today Full Moon Event has started! Try to save the island of Varholm from the Lycanthropes and get precious items. Hurry up, you have only 3 days! For more info click here.


10.04.2014, 13:16

Dear Players! Admins and Moderators never ask for your personal data. If you receive such a message, please contact the support of the game. As some websites try to take over players' accounts, do not share your login and password with others.