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Dragon Nest Private Server DNNICE

Added a.soto03336 10.06.2018, 07:51

TIRED of grinding for weeks just to get one piece of equipment?
BOTHERED by the RNG system because the drop rate is horrible?
Want to have FUN in Dragon Nest again?
Well I have the solution for YOU!
Join us at DNNice, a new private server for Dragon Nest.

Server location is in Canada

Game Info:
Nest Rate: x3

Drop Rate: x5

EXP Rate: x10

Gold Rate: x50

Start off at level 80, and continue till 95!

Free +20 level 95 set equipment per character
Point system working (e.g. Nest, Dungeon, Nightmare, Slayer, etc.)

Working skills for Awakening!

Currently updated with the new class: BLOOD PHANTOM

Join us today! (or whenever)


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