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Please MODS tell us what is going on!!!

Added HurricaneCharlie 15.10.2019, 23:25

Quest 1 says to reach Level VIP - is this a mistake from Gamekit (if so, acknowledge & change it), or do you expect us to purchase VIP (not gonna happen, just on principle)? Please give a reply ASAP, so that we know what's going on...

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16.10.2019, 21:37

You have to pay up, yes. It's 4.99 USD (which makes a little more than 4.50 Euros, and goes for 49 Swedish Crowns rounded up).

If you manage to get ahold of some prepaid Mastercards or PayPal gift cards, it's a win. It's not like Forge of Empires or Throne - Kingdom of War in that they can grant you premium currency.



17.10.2019, 12:46

Well, thanks for being honest; but, for only 750pts, this is just not value. Sorry to the developers, but this is just like every other Eastern-web MMO out there. I'm out.



19.10.2019, 12:27

They should go back to how it used to be, where the "get VIP" quest for these browser games was the last quest, rather than the second to last quest, which for this game makes it the first quest, since there's only two. Some may be inclined to pay, if they happened to get suckered in due to the generous nature of these games at the start, but not until they've actually had the chance to even play the game, while this is asking us to pay up right from the start, or wait forty days for the next quest.

Then pre-paid cards isn't even an option for me, as first off, except for one worth twice the value, none are shown as available right now, and secondly, just about all of them require level 12+, while I'm level 11. Even then you'd at least usually need to spend more points, than you stand to get, so unless you really wanted the XP, that tends to be a poor option.

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