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where are my points?

Added Th3 21.10.2019, 17:53

I first entered in the in game nickname that was setup which was not accepted as it had "already been used" so I sent the username that i used to create the account (not the name of my in game character) it worked then I sent a screenshot of where I registered as it was the only place I could find the username that I entered once that was done I attached a screenshot of my username for the account. and now it is saying that the screenshot that was given does not show enough evidence of my username and it doesn't let me resubmit the screenshot anywhere. I would like some assistance or at least the points I was promised for completing the task 1000pts.

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22.10.2019, 04:25

Hello, Th3. Please contact support at for help.
Please remember to always manually select an original nickname instead of going with default names as those will always be taken. In this game, you could have restarted on a new server and manually typed in a new name to play under.