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Bad Game Design Rant

Added Maxwell 31.07.2018, 05:25

Guys can we just take a moment to appreciate how drunk whoever created Dragon Awaken must have been?
"Oh hey it's a good idea to create like 30 menus you can access from the screen you also use to view everything else"
"Oh hey it's a good idea to make the game so freaking complicated the player depends on the little elf thing to do anything at all"
"Oh hey it's a good idea to make the first 10 levels beatable in like five minutes and then the next 10 maybe an hour and the next 10 like an hour and a half and then have the next 2 levels take an hour"
Like seriously what's up with the inconsistent leveling up that is just infuriating.

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18.08.2018, 05:11

If you like this game design so much you should play Naruto online XD.



11.12.2018, 20:41

:P Not gonna lie this level up system isn't too bad (compared to LoA 3, where leveling up can take up to days after you hit lvl50)



06.01.2019, 21:47

Dragon Awaken is actually pretty clean cut. Not really that complicated when compared to LoA3 clutter.



19.03.2019, 20:30

LoA 3 leveling is better than this crap. At least in LoA, there were ways to get one level per day instantly even after level 90. In this game, level after level 30 takes so long.