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Lying about being free AGAIN?

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The fourth quest for this game is to get VIP level 2 which to my knowledge is only able to be gotten through buying it with real money. The game has the free tag on it but this quest is impossible to do for free. It's even worse because this is where the bulk of the points and xp are. This also happened with Imperial online which also STILL has the free tag on it even though its last quest which gives more xp and points than the other 3 quests combined is not free. Please fix this problem.

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21.07.2018, 16:04
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Hello! The "free" mark stands for the game, meaning that only the game is free. Every 4th task requires a payment, and the thing that it's a 4th quest and not, for example, a 2nd quest, should let you understand that it's an optional mission and you don't have to feel forced to complete it.



30.04.2019, 12:19

I'm not to that quest yet, but if they offer a way to get to VIP using GameKit points in the GameKit store, it's still technically free.



01.06.2019, 23:25
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whats the point of playing games on there for points if youll use them to finish a quest



07.06.2019, 00:35

@Frem As long as the paid items get you more points then you mission, seems worth it. (In the Angels games you pay 900 points to be able to get 6000 points, in the end that 900 points was a really good trade off.)
Also helps with exp to be able to redeem higher rewards.~