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Added Tyler 17.09.2018, 19:01

Pretty much this game is stupid the way you sign up and the way of verification is dumb as well. You have to make around 3 different usernames to get in the game. The first one to sign up. The 2nd one for your profile or something like that and a 3rd one for your Character. Now the character is the one that shows your level but you've got to think about all the people who register. Then put the register username in and wait for game to download. You guys srsly need to make a new verification method for this game. I've also signed up under ghost1 and made the profile a-x-e (since u cant use numbers) and then my character is gh-os-ty. I believe my screenshot will get denied because I put the account username on (ghost1) but its whatever. I do feel bad for the people who use this site on the daily and do the quests legit like myself and have to deal with these issues without any support. I've done this before on a similar game where u have to actually give your CHARACTER name not your username and they said since it was my first time they'd let me get away with it but yea. Guessing this wont get accepted

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17.09.2018, 23:01

Hello, Tyler. If you submit a screenshot and it gets denied for not displaying the right name, please contact our support. You can contact support here: https://gamekit.com/faq/



10.10.2018, 05:52

It's hard to be careful when the game's character name scheme changes midstream. I went through the same situation, started to log in after setting up my username, then after getting kicked off the game server for update, suddenly my username was no good and had to create a new username to access Dofus, which had to be different from the Ankama Games username. Who even does that, and why would they change the rules so suddenly? Fortunately, I haven't really started the game, so I can just make a new account, but Ankama games specifically states that the account name could be used in all Ankama games. That's really deceptive. Gamekit should probably investigate the games they add to the list, and perhaps add tips and warnings on these really odd account scheme games.

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