3 quest im stuck

Added pm.mar13 26.12.2016, 21:39

How i get 20 000 of oil to make a SS?

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29.09.2017, 14:17
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Oil is generated automatically in your Oil Refinery (the large structure adjacent to the coast, just north of the dockyard; it is an inherent part of your base and does not require construction). Oil is produced in lots of 200 per level of the Oil Refinery.

In other words: if you own a level one Oil Refinery, every 10 minutes you will receive 200 Oil. Upgrade it to, say, level 20 and you will receive 4,000 Oil every 10 minutes instead.

Given that you start the game with several million dollars and some premium currency, as well, it should be simple enough to upgrade the Oil Refinery to such a level that it will demand no more than half an hour or so to reliably produce 20,000 Oil.

Enjoy the game and best of luck...


Postscript: I wouldn't recommend exploiting the system, nor so indiscriminately employing your diamonds, in this fashion if you intend to continue playing the game after competing the GameKit quests. Upgrading your Refinery will increase your "points" ranking and ultimately remove your newbie protection, allowing other players to attack you and thus leech your resources.

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