hello my name is jow

Added sebastian.rutten 21.01.2016, 11:04

i dont get hw you take screen shots its a c*nt

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29.09.2017, 14:31
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Assuming you are playing the game with a standard mouse-and-keyboard setup, the simplest option is as follows...

1) Press the "PrintScreen" button (often shortened to "PrtScrn" or "PrtScr" depending on your keyboard manufacturer) while the game is displayed in the browser.

2) Open an image-editor of your choice (MSPaint/Paint for Windows, Paintbrush/MACPaint for Macintosh users by default, though any will suffice). Paste the image either via the appropriate menu command (typically "Edit" and then "Paste") or via the CTRL+V keyboard shortcut.

3) Save the image as a JPG/JPEG and submit.

...if you are on a Windows OS you may employ the "Snipping Tool" that is available on all Windows 7+ systems to perform the same task with a simple click-and-drag interface; access it with a search for "Snipping" from your start menu. There also exists a plethora of software alternatives for capturing screenshots such as FRAPS, SnagIt, Lightshot, ShareX and so forth.

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