They know it isn't working

Added GoblinoidHero 17.06.2017, 08:46

Many people have been posting in the forums about not getting their quests completed for Dekaron, myself included. The game isn't being tracked and the moderators know this.
I had to send in a ticket to get my first quest completed and when I did they asked for a screenshot, which luckily I had the foresight to take rather than just expect the auto-tracking system to work. The thing is; two days after completing the second quest I sent in another ticket with a screenshot and instead of completing my quest they told me:
"Hi :)
we are verifying this problem. I will come back to you as soon as I get further information :)"
They clearly know something is up, and I'm not going to say they're not trying to do something about it, they probably are. But they still didn't confirm my second quest and what's more I've posted twice in these forums and both times I've found my replies missing.
As far as I know this hasn't been happening to anyone else as there are still posts of people complaining and anything I posted was basically, "hey go put in a ticket, it solved my problem!" which I can't imagine is something delete-worthy, but after the second time I can't really say I'm happy with the way Gamekit/Dekaron mods or whoever it is that's taking care of this is handling the situation if they're going to be deleting my comments and not accepting my screenshots.

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28.06.2017, 18:26

I second your feeling upset with the way the mods have handled this. Myself included:

William 07.06.2017, 03:16
Been waiting over 24 hours for my Quest to be completed for Dekaron. Its supposed to be automatically tracked. I am enjoying the game but I do not want to over level. please help

Moderator 08.06.2017, 09:02
Hi :) I am sorry but I cannot accept this screenshot. Gamekit clearly inform you about our screenshot rules before you start to play a game and complete quests, therefore I cannot help you with this offer :(