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Added lazyluffy40731 14.02.2017, 01:03

hello my friend sent me the code for the game counter strike and I was super excited bc I've been wanting the game for a long time... five minutes later I put in the code and I get this message "the product code you've entered has already been activated by a different steam account this account cannot be used again" which actually makes both me and my friend mad bc I have been wanting this game for a really long time and he has been earning these points for a long time (or at least he told me he has) and I generally really feel I should be able to play this so please give me another code or something his username "player_081915" (I skyped him as I typed in his username)

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14.02.2017, 10:27
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Hello lazyluffy, i'm sorry to hear that you're having some issues. Let me understand a thing first of all: this is a friend you know in real or, at least, someone you know or is a stranger that sent you a code for steam?

Second question: this code come from gamekit or he founded it online and\or from someone else?

Third: did you gave him something for this code? (like money or stuff like that?)

I'm asking this because you have to understand that our policy say clearly that every code is individual and every user have to make his points and buy his stuff individually. And, of course, steam's codes are for single use so, if your friend make enough points to buy this game and use the code on steam then he cannot send you the code since the code as already been used. In any case, if you bought a code and this one is not working for some reason (it's impossible but, never say never) you can contact our technical support and they'll help you. Sure is that, if you didn't bought nothing we are not allowed to send you, or your friend, nothing. As a personal suggest, please, avoid giving codes and other info online to strangers since is a lack of your personal security and will make harder (or even impossible) for us to help you in that case. For now contact our technical support and see what they'll tells you. :)



14.02.2017, 22:20

it is a friend that know in real life the code is from gamekit and I did not pay him nor did I give him anything for the code and he did trade in his points for the code and he already had counter strike so he would have no need for the code im sorry if I came off as a guy who wanted free stuff for no reason

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