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Gamekit appears to be removing all negative reviews and content.

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Yesterday I made two negative reviews on items - neither appeared, but I could not rate again.
Then I made a thread, here, about it. It was up at the time, but I go back now to check on it, and lo and behold, it too is gone.
Seems to me like Gamekit has something to hide. At the very least, it isn't honest business. I would recommend ceasing all activity on this site.

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09.04.2019, 00:34

Hello, john. Your reviews are most likely being reviewed or there is a bug in our system. This could have also affected your post from yesterday, but it might have also been removed as it could have been seen as spam. We are not trying to hide anything that should be public or be a dishonest business. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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