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Worked hard to do quest and then get rejected?

Added Escape 10.12.2017, 18:24

So I've been working on a quest I am doing for crossout, and I send a screenshot of me reaching level 3, and apparently, Somehow i am using an account with a different username, And im pretty sure I entered kontonaruX, and as you can tell, I'm pissed. So tell me now, what can I do to earn my points now that i have entered the wrong username? I've been working my ass off and im now level 6, so I'm not backing down until i get my points

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10.12.2017, 18:29

And also, im enjoying the game, so I'll give you my account login stuff to prove that i am using this account



10.12.2017, 19:55
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Hi Escape,

Please explain your situation to our support team by sending them a ticket.
We don't need your credentials to check if you have completed your task :)



10.12.2017, 20:09

How can I open a support ticket?