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after all of that you wont give me the points just cause i've reached a higher level

Added It's 05.12.2017, 17:53

so guys i've downloaded the game,registered and did put my IGN so you can see the progress.
first quest was to reach level 9 so i 've reached "9" and went back to the site then saw that it will be checked auto so i kept playing untill i've reached level 11, until a few hours ago i saw that it says that take a screen shot to prove that you have reached level 9 so i took a screenshot of me level 11 and now you tell me that you wont accept it because i've reached a higher level?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME
it was going to to give the prize automaticly how would i know that you wont accept it

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06.12.2017, 01:19

Hi It's,

I'm sorry to inform you that's the rule of our site,it is clearly written that you have to show the exact level for the quest.
Keep more attention for next ones please.