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Being higher than level 3 makes you unable to have any points

Added Matt 20.11.2017, 17:20

So, Been Playing Crossout for a while now and found this on a YouTube add and thought i'd give it a go, Turns out it's a piece of Shit, Apparently you can't earn rewards if you're already an existing player. Anti-Cheat my ass

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SKT1 Camille

20.11.2017, 18:16
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The idea is to make you undertake the quest of climbing from the start of the game to the quest requirement, if you have played the game before, it will just make the climb faster.



20.11.2017, 19:08

you get a 400% boost everyday... so if you see you don't get a lot of points anymore you can better stop and play the next day when you have the boost again.