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I'm confused :O

Added farmingeagles 18.11.2017, 19:59

I was browsing the forums after reaching level 9. I got confused about most people saying they haven't recieved his/her points yet. And that they had to send screenshots?
whats confusing me is that for me it says ''Changes in this game are checked automatically, you don't have to send a screenshot'' So i dont have to send a screenshot or do i have to? Like almost everyone is saying he or she is going to send one ^^ Sorry about disturbing you guys I probably just gotta wait and dont send a screenshot

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18.11.2017, 21:09
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If it says its automatic, its automatic. People who send screenshots are either impatient, or are having technical problems. You don't need to send in a screenshot.



18.11.2017, 21:14
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Alright then thanks shaya :D
Sorry to have bothered you!