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not receiving points, and i do not know how to contact support

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I have reached level 9 but not received any points yet. I've read on the forum that you need to contact the support team, but I can't find where you need to do that. can someone please help?

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14.11.2017, 14:05
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Hi Floris,

Usually the system takes some days to check your task and assign your PTS,be patient!

In anycase you can contact our support team in this way:

Go to the bottom of the page and click "Help".
Then,click one of the "Most popular questions" in the middle of the page,then "Contact us".

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14.11.2017, 16:28

Thank you for your help. I'll wait some days, and if I then did not receive the points yet, I will go to "contact us".



24.08.2020, 02:54

i told my friend about app i am suppose to get 15000 worth of stuff and i dont know how to get the 15000 worth of stuff