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John Doe

Screenshot not accepted b/c expired?

Added John Doe 13.11.2017, 21:00

I don't get it... why does it say my quest expired, yet show me that I have over 5 hours left to submit?

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14.11.2017, 07:12

I recommend that you do 2 things. take a picture of it showing that you have 5 hours left to submit the picture ( you know the actual screen where you drag the picture into ). Clear Cashe/Cookies ( if you don't want to do that then open a new browser, login and check to see if the message is the same. if yes then Please go ahead and Contact Customer Support. )



14.11.2017, 14:06

Hi John Doe,

I'm sorry that you're experiencing this problem,please contact our support team.


John Doe

15.11.2017, 15:22

Took some time to find the "contact us" option, but will do :')