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Crossout "Server responded with code 0. Do you want to upload it again?"

Added Danny 12.10.2017, 08:53

For Crossout, I'm supposed to upload screenshots as proof of mission completion. However, I'm always getting the "error code 0" when attempting to upload a screenshot. Everytime I try and upload the progress bar fills up a little bit and then stops moving. I've tried to upload in different file formats (jpg and png) but I still get the error code. I've also made sure that the file size is below 10 MB. Temporarily disabling my firewall doesn't help either. I've tried switching to multiple different browsers as well as trying to upload from my phone. Still no luck :/

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12.10.2017, 13:41

Hi Danny,

Seems a really strange problem,i suggest you to explain your situation to our support team,they will surely help you to find a solution.



17.10.2018, 00:42

does same thing to me when I upload pic for league of angels 3... seems they dont want to redeem points.. And with the time limit you have to do these "Quests" it seems kinda scammy to me