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Why screenshot?

Added boris.sidrovich 19.08.2017, 18:22

Let me explain. I assume Gamekit goes and checks with the game if the user who sent the screenshot has actually reached the level that is shown in the screenshot cause otherwise anyone can photoshop a screenshot and change the level number that is shown in the picture. But if they do this then why is it necessary to send the screenshot in the first place? Couldn't there be a button to press when the user has reached the desired level to perform the level check instead of having to look at so many pictures?
I did the War Thunder quest and the progress is checked automatically with the game. Since Crossout is made by the same developer I assumed it would be the same way,
Thank you.

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19.08.2017, 20:53

i agree it takes so much longer for crossout to see that i reached lvl 9 but in war thunder it took just a couple of hours ! xD



20.08.2017, 17:50

Yes. I dont mean it's hard for us to take screenshots or anything like that, I'm just saying it's harder for Gamekit to check screenshots.



21.08.2017, 23:10

Well it takes a long time because There are not that much moderators and thousands of screenshots are sent in every hour so they have to check everyone of them which takes a long time.



29.12.2017, 00:08

Wait so do they check the game or the screenshots?

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04.01.2018, 14:29

I'm in level 9 but it does not want to accept the screenshot, what should I do?



09.01.2018, 16:50

They don't check with the devs