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Quick tip for new players!

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Every day you get a 400% bonus on all your games until you reach 60,000 points, and after you reach 60,000 your points pretty much slow to a stop, so what i'd do is play until you don't have your bonus anymore than wait until the next day to play again, you have plenty of time :D

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16.07.2017, 14:20

hey how long does it take for these guys to check your screenshot

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16.07.2017, 21:32

i usually post the screenshot than go to bed, than normally it would be done by the time i log on again after about 10 or 12 hours



17.07.2017, 00:17

Any fast way to lvl up?



18.07.2017, 01:39

The screenshot checking time (for me) on this game was really good - like 3-4 hours.



19.07.2017, 13:38

where can i sent the screenshot?



21.07.2017, 01:18

Vincent when you play matches don't focus on getting to the enemy base focus on killing as many others as you can. It worked for me, at least.



03.08.2017, 00:44

my checking time is shit, 77 hours



03.08.2017, 00:44

lets play some crossout to pass the time



06.10.2017, 07:25

Użytkownik usunięty no thats not true and thats a outright lie that you were probably easily mislead by see players progressed the game too fastly in gajins eyes and they first tried making the game more grindy witch had those that liked to grind playing longer witch cause a gaggle the servers couldn't handle and the common way to grind exp was raids but they nerfed that by making fuel barrel useless to the point your actually a burden on your team for having one unless you know how to properly kill yourself like the scrub you are. And they decided to ultimately nerf exp gains as a whole by implementing a exhaustion system but unlike most exhaustion system they decided to outright lie to their customers about it and on top of it they nerfed everything by 400% and the only way to earn exp normally is to only do 60,000 pionts a day. parts of the community were very pissed off about it but gajin decided to ultimately delete comments and thread discussing the issue it got so bad with the outright censorship they even started to outright censored the like to dislike ratio on their videos.