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What is this?

Added HyperFracture 11.07.2017, 23:49

On the outside it is written ''You have 04 12h 22m 10s to finish the quest'', what does it mean? When I go to where you deliver the screenshot, it says that the quests remaining time is over 18 days. Does anyone know anything about this?

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12.07.2017, 01:06

The red timer on the front page was only added yesterday and I think it's broken. Yesterday logging out and logging back in reset the timer so I don't think it does anything yet. You should probably ask a mod about it though.



12.07.2017, 20:58
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Update: One of my red timers went to zero but then just reset and I was still able to do the quest. I think the red timers are only there to persuade you to do the quest faster but they don't really do anything. The timer on the screenshot upload page actually matters though so pay attention to that one.