Event: 12/4/2020-12/17/2020

03.12.2020, 08:20

Dear knights,We have prepared a lot of events for you, don't miss them, the events will be online after maintenance at 3:30-4:00 on 12/4/2020 (ps: the plan may change)xMore details on the events: xWe put a new Tiger Vulture mount in the Super... (read more)

Server Merge 11/6

05.11.2020, 23:59

Dear knights,We are performing a server merge, you will be able to enter the game by choosing your server as before.Date: 3:30-4:00,11/6/2020Servers: S75-S81Details:1: Join the game as you would before the merging process2: Nickname: if the nickname of a player is the same as another player's, a win... (read more)

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