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Important to all who enjoy this game (Quests inc)

Added nsutton999 25.06.2017, 18:21

It is VERY important that whatever you do, regardless of how much you enjoy playing the game, do not keep playing until after they have checked your screenshot. I sent my first screenshot and decided to keep playing, little did i know the second quest only required 5 wins and i already had 13. They will not accept the screenshot no matter what unless its exactly that 5, meaning Im stuck at quest 2 indefinitely because i decided to like the game instead of only playing it for the quest.

If you want to keep playing, it would be good to take screenshots of your entire game with 5 wins visible and 8 wins visible (as those are quests 2 & 3)

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27.06.2017, 13:43
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Thanks for heads up and quest info


Dr. Penguin

05.07.2017, 03:33

Which is totally ridiculous imo



09.07.2017, 03:02

thank you. idk why they dont show all quests in advance



09.08.2017, 22:45

Why didnt I read this first... First I uploaded a screenshot from my History Matches were it was shown 2 matches and 2 wins and was sure they would approve the image.

But no, it was not approved and I needed to show my profile instead. And within that time i played my 3rd match and won my 3rd time... So my second screenshot isnt going to get approved now? Ridicious



10.08.2017, 16:37

EDIT: My second screenshot actually got approved and completed the first quest! :D



14.08.2017, 13:43

Yeah. Ducks. I like wat thunder n kept playing b got higher level now wont acceot it saying i had it before gamekit which is crap. I learned about n installed it thru gamekit. Flawed broken sysyem. Dont waste your time. Unrealistic quests for tiny rewards. Basically yiu put in 6 or 8 hrs of gaming n get minimum points. Not even enough to make a purchase. Rewards should be higher. Closer to $10 or so otherwise u will spend months tryin to earn a $20 steam card n then only possible if they add new games

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