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download program thinks it owns my computer

Added C 14.06.2019, 20:29

or it at least acts like one. I shut it down two days ago so I could use my internet as it made itself the priority and took all of my 200G down. Check to make sure it was not in my startup programs or running. Neither listed because it makes itself look like a Microsoft program. And then had it tell me today, after not turning it on once or telling it could download, It had finished downloading the game and it was ready to play. Game server IP and download IP are now blocked. You need to check these games better. And you need more of them for better points.
When I started playing here none of the quests were half or more of the total to buy stuff from the site. Now all of them have an end quest to buy stuff. Might this site a good place to preview games and get free stuff again. as it is now I only come back once a week because you only have tasks once a month. Also, I don't go to your twitch channel because the host only talks to the chat complaining about your games or how they been screwed over by something in the site.

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15.06.2019, 23:44

Hello, C. There are many places that a program could be that would cause it to run automatically. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this, and there is no way for us to check how it reacts to every PC.
Our site has many payment tasks as they are a way of supporting the developers who are supporting us. We also try to get as many tasks as possible, but it is not possible to always have new games available.

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