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3325 error on start

Added MJ 27.09.2019, 00:01

If you get this your connection is being blocked. This is either due to client-side issues - your computer has a program blocking a connection to the game server - or your WAN connection, including your hotspot or your ISP.

Disable any anti-malware (Malwarebytes, etc), anti-virus (I use ClamWin, but this would include Norton or McAfee), and Windows Firewall (on all 3 levels). You may need to prevent theese programs from running on Startup using the msconfig program from the Start menu by typing it into the search box.

If you are using a WAN connection which you don't control, such as at an internet cafe, library, or other open public WiFi connection they may be using a proxy server, firewall, or QoS method which blocks connection to the game server. Try connecting at a different location.

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