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Game freezes in the first loading screen

Added bananaticng 09.06.2019, 23:55

I try to launch the game, but when I am in the first loading screen with the picture It doesn't load the game. I don't know if I need to be patient, but I think it's a bug more than a loooooooooooong loading screen.

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Need ur Blood

14.07.2019, 14:39

Are u talking about the image that appears before the client starts running? If it is, yes u need to be really patient, it takes a long time to start, Blade n Soul always been like this.
And have u downloaded the new launcher? If so, click on the settings icon, select game tab and select the option "Execute client with 32b" and then execute the game. Sometimes it helps to initiate faster although u can have multiples disconnects from the game.

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